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Best security

Why should I request the higher level of security?
In most applications, security product solution rollouts are not often. Which means that any investment is long-term. With this in mind, it is a best practice to ask for the very best!

Marinas and boat storage

Theft in marina and boat storage facilities is a growing trend and a massive problem for the owners of bit the business and the vessel owners.
Many solutions have been created and deployed throughout the Caribbean and South America for this very special application.
To truly capture a usable image, long-range megapixel lenses have been used and deployed with HD-SDI high definition cameras.

Casino surveillance

With a growing number of casinos and resorts, the Caribbean has become a hotspot for unique surveillance opportunities.
Aruba for example has some small casinos that can truly benefit from megapixel rated cameras.
On larger scale, pan tilt zoom devices with high definition output can be deployed for astonishing images. A user can make out completely defined details on playing cards and even monetary denomination.

Bahamas Exumas


Jamaica visit

Our training mission to Jamaica was a complete success. We appreciate all the support and attention that we received during our trip.
We look forward to returning very soon!