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Suriname CCTV and Video Security

Visiting Suriname during August is always a pleasant experience with its mild temperatures and passing rain storms which usually only last a few minutes. This environment is perfectly suited for Cortex security solutions since they are manufactured with high moisture and extreme heat in mind. Cortex models with miniature housings and long-range infrared are extremely popular among the locals which many times build customize brackets and mounts to suit their buildings. The COR-HF55 is specifically ideal since the aluminum body withstands corrosion and internal components including its Panasonic CMOS sensor with clear 1080P and extremely low noise reproduce an excellent night time image. 

cctv and security Suriname

Central Suriname Tower

This Image of the tower in central Paramaribo is a familair site for anyone who has visited. During your journey you would also notice many applications for security cameras and access control. There are some great installers in the region that can help with designing a system and recommending the ideal solution for any project. Some business owners have taken to the idea that megapixel over network connections is the best form of surveillance. However, during our visit we noticed that the existing infrastructure in some of these country are limited and IP camera systems can actually cause a lot of trouble for installation and networking. Sometimes a standard old fashion close circuit TV system over coaxial cable is the most ideal way to capture events of interest. The best news about this type of installation is that nowadays resolutions have multiplied and can provide The necessary pixel coverage in a security camera system to satisfy any demand. 

cctv wiring in suriname

Old houses in paramaribo

Many old houses from over 100 years ago can be found in the capital of Suriname. Many times, These charming homes are kept in their natural state and provide a walk-through history as you navigate the city. They also provide a glimpse as to some of the difficult construction that can be found for wiring up a security camera system in this country. Even some of the businesses in the capital are built on top of old construction and create layers of difficulty for anyone attempting to run wires. Request for wireless security cameras are often heard but are quickly shut down with the idea that power is required and the old buildings with the cement walls provide a barrier for many of the new wireless technologies in the high frequency range. 

Suriname has many industries that supply the outside world with raw materials as well as finished products like furniture and textiles. Many of these industrial applications require machinery that is heavy in nature and must be kept safe and secure. The heavy machinery can quickly disappear over the border into Brazil or other neighboring countries like Venezuela if not monitored closely. 

There are many things to do for ecoterrorist with hopes of tapping the Amazon through this unspoiled region. Although many industries have in fact caused some changes to the natural environment it is far less than many of its neighboring countries. Many laws have been put in place recently to get protect the natural environment and its natural resources to secure a future for Suriname. Making tourist feel safe using security camera systems is an ideal way to ensure repeat business and good reviews. Since many are visiting from Europe and the United States, video surveillance or CCTV cameras are a common sight for foreigners expecting a watchful eye that keeps them secure. Many are expecting local businesses to provide an environment of safety and security which CCTV Is ideally suited for. 

Although not technically part of the Caribbean, Suriname is many times considered an extension due to its Dutch heritage and it’s smaller size. Like the islands in the south Caribbean like Aruba and Curacao, Suriname has a long rich history of European connections. One of the many benefits is the security camera technology it comes from Holland is many times more advanced other regions of the Caribbean. Many of the industrial applications here I run by Dutch nationals that expect a higher quality compared to the price driven market offerings of South America. Many of the applications can use a hybrid system that allows existing coaxial cable, upgrade to new HD over coaxial and IP technology including wireless. 

With so many options to choose from and such a massive market for projects Suriname is ideally situated in the world to continue growing in the video security market.