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Usain Bolt does it again in Beijing

“Blazed to get another sprint double by destroying American Rival Justin Gatlin to retain his world 200m crown in Beijing on Thursday” said yahoo news Thursday Aug 27

Congratulations to all of Jamaica for having such a fantastic representative


This digital technology over standard coaxial cable has redefined the landscape for security and surveillance. It is no longer necessary to depend on network infrastructure dependent technology in order to achieve extremely high quality images utilizing megapixel sensors. Find out how SDI can help you achieve your goals of a perfect remote view over PCs and smart phones. 

Disrupting the status quo

when security is the name of the game, high-quality products and top-notch service are a must. Don’t settle for second-best. 

High Value

Discover the economic advantages of finding the perfect match to your needs. Great opportunities are always available if accessed through the correct network. Behind every high-tech deployment there is the perfect installation team. Pairing needs with service providers is not always easy. The Caribbean can be a very price sensitive market for security solutions yet many industrial and commercial applications require high-grade materials to ensure long live performance. Building all inclusive platforms that provide the end-user with all of the things I need at an affordable price can be a tricky balance to achieve. With so many retail offers and so many brands available online and through direct to consumer platforms is difficult for end-users to decide on what is best. As is the case in many scenarios where the company is offering a single solution, that offer will usually be deemed “the best” with a complete lack of comparison. After presenting all the options to consumers and providing price quotes many of the options end up on the cutting room floor due to cost limitations. Make sure to make a short list of all of the specific requirements needed from your security solution. 

multiple cameras in one Dome

Breakthrough technology in the security industry is a regular phenomena. With new sensors, lenses and chipsets that increase resolution and performance on a month-to-month basis it is hard to keep up with all of the new features and functions. Many times technology that is proven in real world applications and deployed in the field is a better bet than the latest new technology. 


Security Product managers that can explain the details needed for a great solution


Who is a system designer? Years of experience and know how are needed to design the perfect deployment. With thousands of products available to fit any and all needs, a designer can match the right items to the specific need.


What technology is available:

  • AHD (analog over coax) Perfect for existing wiring
  • TVI CCTV: Similar to AHD
  • CVI CCTV: Similar to AHD
  • SDI: Digital over Coax.
  • IP Solutions
  • Wireless CCTV for long distances
  • Long Range Infrared illumination
  • Marina specific surveillance
  • Salt water and corrosion resistant technology
  • Low noise, high sensitivity cameras
  • Smart phone enabled CCTV
  • Remote view over satellite
  • On-the-go surveillance
  • CCTV for farms and food protection

More bang for your buck

Value is the name of the game. Weather deploying a high definition system or a low-cost AHD hybrid CCTV system, your best options will always be with CCTV CORE Located in Florida. 

More for your investment

Complete CCTV systems that can match your budget. Designed to outperform packages or retail level products. Max CCTV and security solutions are the commercial grade perfect replacement for low-cost packages or kits. 

About Us

Caribbean CCTV is devoted to pairing home and business owners with contractors in the security Industry. By offering direct access to specialized products and service providers that are proficient in the extreme and corrosive environment surrounding our beautiful ocean.

Many of the larger security markets in the Caribbean include Jamaica, Trinidad, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

Caribbean corrosive to metals

The number one requirement in the Caribbean arena is prevention of corrosion. Whether products are indoor, outdoor or even Hidden away inside of protective enclosures, corrosion is difficult to prevent in the Caribbean. Security cameras with aluminum housings and specialized finishes can be deployed for long life in these environments. Users are advised to always seek advanced documentation and discuss materials used for any installation at length. 

A small group of companies in the Caribbean have dedicated themselves to deploying long life solutions that can provide their users with many years of beneficial security. Make sure to carefully source products from reputable companies that offer warranty and service contracts that will prevent exploding a price driven agenda.