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Jamaica training and seminar

Kingston Jamaica offers many advantages for business in the Caribbean. As a hub for exports and distribution, it can become a high security risk for enterprises. Surveillance systems and security camera solutions reduce the risk with real time monitoring and instant access to viewing and remote control of features that vastly mitigate damage.
We recommend our network of trained professionals who continuously excel at finding the needs and meeting the requirements.

Suriname CCTV and surveillance

Paramaribo in Suriname is a growing city with much need for high level security. Many of the applications needed are similar to other requirements in neighboring Caribbean countries. Hot weather, high humidity and vandal resistance are just a few of the much anticipated solutions that our teams can offer.

Suriname CCTV

Downtown Paramaribo Suriname is covered with CCTV and Security solutions for good reason. Many resources are located here.

CCTV In Suriname store

Liquor Store with Cortex Cameras for a complete CCTV solution

New homes in Suriname

Strong weather

Old buildings consumed by the jungle are a cool site

The best water visibility

The Exumas are a chain of islands in the Bahamas that boast fantastic scenery and some the best water clarity anywhere


Turks and Caicos security cameras airport

Security at airports is one of the most crucial aspects of surveillance and a highly sought after solution. With specialize housings design for long-term use outdoor, our systems are designed for long life in incremental conditions. CCTV and surveillance products that are mission-critical can sometimes be hard to obtain. If you have an application that requires the very best solution, one of our experts can assist you.

Trinidad CCTV VISIT And trainings

Thanks to all that attended our presentation on CCTV And access control. We appreciate the massive turn out and all the feedback.
Trinidad is true ply a very unique market with much to offer.
We look forward to the next round!

Dominican Republic Access control security

Electronic access control is a need that many business cannot survive without. Maglock and door readers are vital for security and theft prevention. When these barriers fail, lives can be at stake as well as thousand of dollars.
The most important parts should be high quality with little doubt of long term performance.
Make sure to hire a trained engineering solutions provided that will fill the needs with card readers and biometric scanners that can withstand the grueling test of time.

Nassau Bahamas surveillance

With tourism dollars at work and a heavy need for security to guarantee that that the money keeps flowing, Nassau is in a unique condition to demand the best products at affordable prices.
CCTV installations in Nassau can be tricky. A trained pro is needed to navigate the harsh conditions in this weather sensitive area of the Caribbean.

Kingston Jamaica CCTV

A large and growing segment of surveillance in Kingston’s main business district is HDSDI 1080P digital solutions that can add detail and increase the likelihood of identification. Many businesses are more than willing to invest on professional level CCTV if applied correctly. Our team of professional and experience engineers have determined optimum settings for the Caribbean markets complex needs.

Aruba Casino

Major casinos in Aruba have deployed IP camera technology to increase coverage of the main pits. By mixing fixed and PTZ 2M (1080P) , 3 mega and 5 megapixel cameras, the entire area can be effectively patrolled and recorded.
This same idea can be mimicked in enterprise level installations.

Contact for more ideas and suggestions


With it’s extremely close neighbor easily within reach by boat or a very short airplane ride, Curaçao is directly connected to Aruba in many ways. Many of the security products suppliers and installers on both of these islands share jobs and in many cases have extended work from the same corporation on Aruba and Curaçao. The petroleum industry is heavy presence in these areas and specialized equipment like explosionproof CCTV and corrosion resistant equipment and devices are many times required. Cortex CCTV and SECURITY offers all of the items necessary to fill any job requirement.