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Barbados Security Cameras and CCTV Systems

Arriving in Barbados through Grantley Adams International Airport sets the tone for a fantastic trip to this beautiful Caribbean paradise while well covered by CCTV cameras. The modern facilities with its twin umbrella hat design is extremely well maintained and modernized. Because of the high ceiling and industrial design, security camera deployment and wiring had to be carefully planned and executed. Famous for its Concorde Airplane experience, this world class airport provides hours of entertainment.

Cruise Ship CCTV

Thanks to a continuous flow of cruise ships arriving for day trips to the beaches and botanical gardens, this is an island with plenty of foot traffic which automatically increases the need for security and life safety measures. Security cameras throughout Barbados connected to a government CCTV system which has been in development for some time. Many hotel and restaurant business owners depend on well places CCTV cameras to maintain a high level of satisfactory customer experiences while also reducing shrinkage. While tourism is the number one industry, manufacturers of sugar, molasses and rum are also thriving and require the quality control “eyes on the ground” that Security cameras provide, even more so from a remote viewing perspective. With modern smartphone apps and tablet CMS systems, most remote CCTV systems can provide instant access for managers and owners from anywhere in the world.

Shipping Security Cameras Barbados

While residential, commercial and industrial security system applications are common, Caribbean CCTV systems must always be deployed with corrosion and water damage in mind. Specialized aluminum powder coated finishes are required for all outdoor enclosures and in many cases hi grade stainless steel can also be deployed. Pan tilt zoom devices like Speedom’s with optical auto focus zoom lenses are increasing in demand but are even more difficult to maintain in this salt rich environment. A number of advantages can be listed when corrosion resistance standards are met. Long life and optimum performance are the name of the game. Providing enhanced convenience to end-users with intuitive smart phone apps helps installers to achieve dramatic results and extremely satisfied clients. Popular request for surveillance systems in the Caribbean include low light sensitivity for compromised environments, highly covert security cameras with built-in invisible infrared illumination and wireless applications for IP cameras that can be tied into existing recorders. With so many options available it is difficult to find the perfect solution for every job this is why hiring an experienced security professional is crucial. Offering a wide range of sophisticated security cameras and access control systems that are specifically tested for long life performance in the Caribbean and can offer around the clock performance 24/7 is our number one goal. 

Never mind a QR code scanning retail level surveillance systems that are quick to deploy but just as quick to go down or disconnect when you need them most. Professional grade installers will open router ports and assign specific DDNS accounts that are unique to your Barbados security camera system. Substantial improvements have been made from past generations were network security was an outstanding issue with huge liability potential. Used exclusively for commercial grade applications many of the new technological tweaks guarantee stable and dependable remote viewing for video security. Make sure to find a branded gear which best suits the specific needs for every situation. Designing a custom suited installation is the job of every integrator that takes pride in their trade. For Barbados CCTV projects, this means deploying cables and housing’s that will withstand the test of time in an extreme environment where everything rusts and is attacked by Mother Nature. 

Cortex branded surveillance systems are hand tested multiple times to ensure quality using the famous QC6 Quality assurance process. If one life and dependability are a big concern make sure to request Cortex CCTV solutions. 



Trinidad Security Cameras and CCTV

Just north of Venezuela in South America lies the Caribbean island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. With one of the largest industrial and commercial hubs in the Caribbean, Trinidad has massive demands for security and surveillance solutions. 

Trinidad and Tobago security systems

We first visited many years ago in the capacity of assistance for our security reseller network throughout the island. We were greeted warmly and felt the anticipation of receiving as much information as possible on all things security related. During a presentation many attendees felt that the requirements for their specific industries were very difficult to achieve. For example, some clients had requirements involving tracking containers from cargo ships to their main consolidation warehouses. Others required extremely complex analytic functions that far exceeded their current budget. With so many requirements that fell outside the financial accessibility of these corporations it was clear to see that we had a lot of work to do. Presenting simple close circuit surveillance systems with just enough Advanced features like point-of-sale integration and easy to use user interfaces was enough create demand from the audience. 

Military and government agencies who attended felt that the products provided could cover many of their requirements. However, military agencies in Trinidad also had LPR and ALPR demands with security budgets that would not cover the current technology necessary. Additional concerns in security included smart perimeter security, industrial monitoring of access control, building automation and production line visual assistance from IP and close circuit cameras. After years of follow up and revisiting many of those requirements, many security camera installers have found innovative solutions to the budgetary constraints and have in fact deployed systems that can alleviate many of the problems. 

The Trinidad CCTV Market continues to grow with additional entries from computer and network companies that have penetrated the overlapping security vertical. Additional entries into the security systems field includes electronics distributors that have seen their margins shrinking and have found that security cameras and access control systems can increase their bottom line. Many have some experience with web cameras sold to the retail market that provide limited solutions for security quickly be remedied with a complete professionally installed security camera system. Ultimately, demand from customers for professionally installed and programmed security solutions has generated many new partnerships from locksmiths to telephone system companies. 

Port of Spain is by far the largest import area but not necessarily the largest growing in demand with so many industrial complexes popping up all over the island. Installers regularly travel throughout in order to meet demand. The petroleum industry has a massive presence on this specific island with partnerships all over the Caribbean including Venezuela in South America. The oil industry has its own specific requirements and demands for security and surveillance which include explosionproof and corrosion resistant products which usually carry a hefty price tag. Some petroleum companies also impose certification requirements for products that they place on their oil rigs offshore. 

As we move into 2018 we expect that the Trinidad CCTV market will continue to diversify and many new installation companies will venture into the security arena. Another threat to the professional security market is retail web cameras which have evolved and come in many different shapes and sizes. Recently many computer web camera companies even introduced outdoor web cameras that can increase their sales volume, and although useful for limited applications, can provide users with a false sense of security. Many professionals know that making a web camera weatherproof does not solve its limitations and even battery powered offers which initially seem like an easy installation can be detrimental to actual security needs. Many limitations include low level and short range nighttime illumination, low-cost sensors with low sensitivity in low light and limited resolution storage. There’s nothing like having solid evidence after a security breach or industrial accident. It is usually through failed products in the field which can be detrimental to users after a potentially life-threatening event that the limitations are brought to light. Make sure to involve a security professional whenever dealing with security requirements.