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Usain Bolt gets run over by camera man

here’s a link to the video depicting the accident caused by a cameraman on a battery powered balancing vehicle. These vehicles similar to segways have grown in popularity recently and have come down in price. However, they can be very dangerous when used around populated areas or where obstacles can come into play. See video below

High quality, long life corrosion resistant materials

marine grade camera housings and enclosures utilizing the latest and materials such as SUS 316L are now available. Although an expensive addition to a surveillance system, these long life products can truly change in the lifecycle of an outdoor rated system that is deployed in close proximity to saltwater. The trade show in Korea design for this application by the name of theKormarine will be held in October 2015 In Busan.  


Bahamas security cameras and recording units

it’s that time of the year again when tourist need protection during their visits. Time to deploy new security systems designed to Deter and provide coverage in heavy traffic areas of downtown Nassau. This region requires specialized equipment due to its extremely close proximity to the salt water and spray. Utilizing equipment that is based on aluminum enclosures and does not include any iron or other rust accelerating materials. A popular choice for recorders on high definition cameras is the new Hybix DVR with autoscaling and intuitive functions. The number one reason why customers love this product it’s powerful processors which allow quick playback and fast reproduction. The Hybix can quickly display events and makes it extremely easy for backups or evidence production.