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3D Scanning for future surveillance

A computer-based multi-camera scanning system was deployed the security show in China. Multiple cameras from different angles are capable of scanning objects and people re-creating A three dimensional rendering on the screen which can be used for detailed surveillance.  

The rendered video can then be searched and manipulated on a pivoting axis while also zoomed at will. 

Halloween in Asia 2015

it’s that time of the year again when spooky and creepy decorations pop up everywhere.  

These perfectly carved jack-o’-lanterns were on display all over China during our trip to the security show. Just across the street from the convention center, this upscale mall provides an escape for visitors and fantastic eating options. Among them this Thai restaurant immaculately decorated with Halloween details. 

Posted in Shenzhen 

New projects with direct link to Asia 

new developments are popping up all over the Caribbean with demand for CCTV. Some of these surveillance projects are directly link to China and are funded through government relations and trades. In the Bahamas, some new casino towers are currently under construction with a heavy work force from China.

Posted from Taipei Taiwan 

Los Angeles international terminal

the new terminal at LAX has received rave reviews on the decorations and architecture. Along with the eye appeal a new IP camera system has also been deployed. We noticed some flights to Mexico and South America but none direct to the Caribbean.  


An incredible amount of music your devices have been added to this particular section of the airport. You can check out similar solutions at the official Eclipse CCTV manufactures website: 

Haiti CCTV Back in full swing

Our partners and clients in Haiti have secured contracts for industrial  video surveillance projects. This brings the latest technology in 1080P digital solutions to this island nation and starts the process of modernization. Government projects that require surveillance systems are always in full swing. Smart phone apps are usually not required but have recently become an interesting add-on feature for many officials. Creating a desire for instant access to video surveillance in Haiti through smart phones and software that can be loaded on remote computers and laptops helps installation companies that submit Tenders and are looking to separate themselves from the competition. Are partners in Haiti provide to CCTV and Access control solutions for commercial and industrial applications in urban and rural areas. Well there are many cheap solutions available and DIY market accessibility for video security systems most professionals agree, that just like any other industry, you get what you pay for.

Using corrosion resistant materials and stainless steel fixtures is vital to a correct integration job throughout the Caribbean. 

corrosion resistance is vital

Engineering firms and data cabling services throughout the Caribbean can help create the ideal infrastructure for coaxial based or IP surveillance technology. Well communication back bones and fiber-based and for structures are common many times in countries like Haiti there are limited resources and done with which need to be addressed. By providing the right fit for the right job you can be guaranteed high-performance and an ideal deployment without any of the headaches that arise from limited infrastructures. Finding the right balance between performance in price is always the most difficult challenge. Tech enabled companies usually worked her way from a low-cost entry level system which will eventually fail and disappoint to a more professional and dependable system wants to have experience with the solutions necessary. 

Video surveillance for highly volatile area

Video surveillance to be installed in sensitive area to allow access to all.

Read the full story from ABC NEWS: 

Areas in the Bahamas not frequented

The absolutely massive resort in Nassau Bahamas by the name of Atlantis has many areas that are not frequented by guess but still covered by CCTV and surveillance cameras. Behind a sprawling casino and shopping mall on Paradise Island there are many walkways and waterfalls that most guess never see.  


You can simply walk out any of the rear doors and view this amazing architecture. Security cameras and other CCTV peripherals can also be seen in this area for security reasons. Many require an update and are fully ready for replacement due to the harsh weather environment. Stainless steel, aluminum and have a leap baked on finishes are common for applications such as these. Complications usually arise with pan tilt devices that require mechanical movement but must keep the elements out. Cortex carries a complete line of solutions for these applications and have been deployed in the Bahamas for cases just like this one. 

Visiting these casinos in the Bahamas can be interesting for people watching and learning how to Gamble. During our last visit we noticed some players who are “high rollers”. This kind of player usually bets big and quickly not wasting any time on patterns or strategies. We took notice of one gentleman who would approach a table, drop six to $800 on one spoon of the roulette wheel and quickly walk away either losing or winning. These tables also carry a heavy burden with many employees interacting with customers that can lead to escalating problems. This is another reason why CCTV and surveillance devices have been strategically peppered all over the Bahamas. 

Touring the latest technological developments

while on the latest trip to Nassau Bahamas the weather was so blistery that the crew ships on their daily stop over decided to take a pitstop and stay for the night.  

  The local yachts docked in the marina also decided to make a longer stop over until the weather clears up. 


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