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Ask us about your options. Partners throughout the Caribbean with an emphasis on large markets like Jamaica, Trinidad, and the Bahamas. Caribbean security products are available through our partners and re-sellers. Never purchase the system without requesting a complete demonstration and list of features and functions.



Helping you find the perfect solution is our main objective. Creating an easy environment for your security requirements is our main goal. Whether you require a simple package with commercial grade performance, our partners in the Caribbean are determined to meet your needs.


Specialized products for your world. Carefully selected housings with corrosion resistant materials are ideal for the Caribbean environment. All security cameras and accessories are designed with specific materials which will outlast others.

Many surveillance systems now make the news on a daily basis when crimes occur. Cortex systems are deployed in many high-risk environments throughout the United States, South America and the Caribbean. Having a strategy for deployment is crucial regardless of the technology that is chosen for the given application. Many times existing infrastructure like computer networks can be used to quickly titan surveillance equipment to a commercial environment. Industrial applications that require explosionproof or corrosion resistant materials must be carefully selected because of requirements and standards for many different countries.