Eclipse approaches viewing in Caribbean

The last solar eclipse event that took place within view and range of the United States and the Caribbean was 1979. Previous to that, it was 1918 when it was visible from coast-to-coast and traversed the entire United States leaving many in awe of this magnificent site. This year the solar eclipse will be visible from many islands in the north Caribbean and due to their climate and clear atmospheric conditions it will prove to be a great spot for viewing on some of the islands like Anguilla and most of the Virgin Islands.

The eclipse can be very damaging to the retina of the human eye. Absolute discipline and precaution must be taken to not look directly at the eclipse and prevent damage. Many experts have warned that the eclipse can cook your eyes and cause severe damage and even blindness and some extreme cases.

Many eclipse glasses have been available at retail locations for many months. Unfortunately, not all of these eclipse glasses are rated correctly or manufactured with standards that will fully prevent damage to the eyes. It is a wise precaution to research the brand of glasses that you have chosen to make sure that they are suitable for staring directly at the sun.

The biggest mistake that most people make when dealing with the eclipse is thinking that the moon coverage will prevent vision damage. Regardless of the position of the moon there’ll always be some sunlight coming through and as the moon moves, additional exposure takes place many times without other person realizing they are increasing exposure.

At Cortex CCTV, we made plans to use our long range surveillance cameras and zoom cameras to record the eclipse for viewing through TVs. While there will be many specialized devices pointing at this phenomenon, we also would love to experiment with our equipment during this unique moment.

For those that missed the event this year don’t fret, another eclipse with a totality that will cross United States again is due in 2024. Up and coming event will also be a total solar eclipse which will cover Mexico and United States.

Many more eclipse events coming soon!