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Saint Maarten CCTV installations

Philipsburg :With a wide range of mountainous terrains and unique vegetation, St Maarten CCTV installations and security camera deployment have got to be specialize for the environment. The ocean is never far away and salt is always in the air which requires specialized components and materials that can prevent corrosion and provide long life in this extreme environment. 

This island with two extremely different sides has been known to harbor some unique characters. Saint Martin on the northside has named many of its villages and cities with Creole and Spanish names as well as French influences. Extremely large residential areas have sprung everywhere and continue up the hills as well as deep into valleys. 

Surveillance solutions for homes and businesses are always necessary even in a paradise like this. The highest peak on Sin Maarten, Pic Paradis has fantastic views and attractions with a wide range of requirements for security and access control products. lotterie Farm with its mega acreage is a hot spot for visiting walking trails and other activities for active individuals who want to take in the beautiful outdoors. 

Although this idealyc paradise can be fantastic to visit as a tourist, theft, burglaries and general crime is still rampant since there will always be financial gain in a place such as this. It is for this reason that security equipment and crime deterrence is vital to the successful residence and business. Security cameras, surveillance and video security options are always available and should be specifically tailored to this environment which destroys the average store bought systems. Most simple surveillance kits are not designed to last a long time let alone in a compromised environment surrounded by extreme sunshine high humidity and high levels of Salinity. Cortex brand aluminum structures are specifically manufactured and provide a corrosion resistant under layer covered in a baked finish paint that extends the life of these devices.  

Anguilla with its diverse to terrain and valleys is another interesting area for video surveillance. Anguilla CCTV Systems are specifically suited to their environment and can be used throughout the Caribbean as well. Shoal bay Village provides hotels and villas with direct access to the beach and many require video monitoring for residents and visitors like. 

We look forward to seeing you at our partners exposition booths during the upcoming security trade show in Las Vegas Nevada where we will exhibit some of the key products that are specifically manufactured for the Caribbean markets. April 6-8 2016  

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