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Dedicated to CCTV and Security in North America and the Caribbean. Our daily key achievements are to support contractors that Excel in compromised environments and provide corrosion resistant solutions to residence and businesses throughout the Caribbean.

Mini cam with Super HD

Technology specifically suited for tolerating corrosive environment and extreme weather. Security cameras have gone through a metamorphosis over the last decade. Price erosion in the surveillance field is a key factor for lower quality components and final solutions that failed to meet the expected performance. Security DVR recorders have begun a descent into price focused lower processing power models that underperform when needed. It is precisely because of these industry wide problems that finding a brand that focuses on high-quality, long life and performance is so vital. Security surveillance cameras need to be billed for specific applications regardless of price focus. Security cameras cannot be produced specifically for meeting a price point they must be produced to meet the demand of the application and customers requirements. This is the fight that we must embrace and go forth with.

Make sure to request details and specific application requirements when requesting a security system quotation from a contractor.