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USVI Caribbean Surveillance

The United States Virgin Islands are in a very specific location which is strategic for items being transported through the Caribbean. With giant neighbors like Puerto Rico and the British Virgin Islands, this group of islands serve and economic purpose for the United States and are considered vastly important for logistics. Import and export businesses in the Virgin Islands depend on quick access to the mainland and even Europe. With all of these business activities security is of the upmost importance. Having a state of the art surveillance system is vital for daily management and crime prevention. Cortex Security provides customized and Taylor fitted solutions for Caribbean security camera systems.

Caribbean St Croix And St Thomas CCTV

USVI Security

Eclipse approaches viewing in Caribbean

The last solar eclipse event that took place within view and range of the United States and the Caribbean was 1979. Previous to that, it was 1918 when it was visible from coast-to-coast and traversed the entire United States leaving many in awe of this magnificent site. This year the solar eclipse will be visible from many islands in the north Caribbean and due to their climate and clear atmospheric conditions it will prove to be a great spot for viewing on some of the islands like Anguilla and most of the Virgin Islands.

The eclipse can be very damaging to the retina of the human eye. Absolute discipline and precaution must be taken to not look directly at the eclipse and prevent damage. Many experts have warned that the eclipse can cook your eyes and cause severe damage and even blindness and some extreme cases.

Many eclipse glasses have been available at retail locations for many months. Unfortunately, not all of these eclipse glasses are rated correctly or manufactured with standards that will fully prevent damage to the eyes. It is a wise precaution to research the brand of glasses that you have chosen to make sure that they are suitable for staring directly at the sun.

The biggest mistake that most people make when dealing with the eclipse is thinking that the moon coverage will prevent vision damage. Regardless of the position of the moon there’ll always be some sunlight coming through and as the moon moves, additional exposure takes place many times without other person realizing they are increasing exposure.

At Cortex CCTV, we made plans to use our long range surveillance cameras and zoom cameras to record the eclipse for viewing through TVs. While there will be many specialized devices pointing at this phenomenon, we also would love to experiment with our equipment during this unique moment.

For those that missed the event this year don’t fret, another eclipse with a totality that will cross United States again is due in 2024. Up and coming event will also be a total solar eclipse which will cover Mexico and United States.

Many more eclipse events coming soon!

Barbados Security Cameras and CCTV Systems

Arriving in Barbados through Grantley Adams International Airport sets the tone for a fantastic trip to this beautiful Caribbean paradise while well covered by CCTV cameras. The modern facilities with its twin umbrella hat design is extremely well maintained and modernized. Because of the high ceiling and industrial design, security camera deployment and wiring had to be carefully planned and executed. Famous for its Concorde Airplane experience, this world class airport provides hours of entertainment.

Cruise Ship CCTV

Thanks to a continuous flow of cruise ships arriving for day trips to the beaches and botanical gardens, this is an island with plenty of foot traffic which automatically increases the need for security and life safety measures. Security cameras throughout Barbados connected to a government CCTV system which has been in development for some time. Many hotel and restaurant business owners depend on well places CCTV cameras to maintain a high level of satisfactory customer experiences while also reducing shrinkage. While tourism is the number one industry, manufacturers of sugar, molasses and rum are also thriving and require the quality control “eyes on the ground” that Security cameras provide, even more so from a remote viewing perspective. With modern smartphone apps and tablet CMS systems, most remote CCTV systems can provide instant access for managers and owners from anywhere in the world.

Shipping Security Cameras Barbados

While residential, commercial and industrial security system applications are common, Caribbean CCTV systems must always be deployed with corrosion and water damage in mind. Specialized aluminum powder coated finishes are required for all outdoor enclosures and in many cases hi grade stainless steel can also be deployed. Pan tilt zoom devices like Speedom’s with optical auto focus zoom lenses are increasing in demand but are even more difficult to maintain in this salt rich environment. A number of advantages can be listed when corrosion resistance standards are met. Long life and optimum performance are the name of the game. Providing enhanced convenience to end-users with intuitive smart phone apps helps installers to achieve dramatic results and extremely satisfied clients. Popular request for surveillance systems in the Caribbean include low light sensitivity for compromised environments, highly covert security cameras with built-in invisible infrared illumination and wireless applications for IP cameras that can be tied into existing recorders. With so many options available it is difficult to find the perfect solution for every job this is why hiring an experienced security professional is crucial. Offering a wide range of sophisticated security cameras and access control systems that are specifically tested for long life performance in the Caribbean and can offer around the clock performance 24/7 is our number one goal. 

Never mind a QR code scanning retail level surveillance systems that are quick to deploy but just as quick to go down or disconnect when you need them most. Professional grade installers will open router ports and assign specific DDNS accounts that are unique to your Barbados security camera system. Substantial improvements have been made from past generations were network security was an outstanding issue with huge liability potential. Used exclusively for commercial grade applications many of the new technological tweaks guarantee stable and dependable remote viewing for video security. Make sure to find a branded gear which best suits the specific needs for every situation. Designing a custom suited installation is the job of every integrator that takes pride in their trade. For Barbados CCTV projects, this means deploying cables and housing’s that will withstand the test of time in an extreme environment where everything rusts and is attacked by Mother Nature. 

Cortex branded surveillance systems are hand tested multiple times to ensure quality using the famous QC6 Quality assurance process. If one life and dependability are a big concern make sure to request Cortex CCTV solutions. 



Trinidad Security Cameras and CCTV

Just north of Venezuela in South America lies the Caribbean island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. With one of the largest industrial and commercial hubs in the Caribbean, Trinidad has massive demands for security and surveillance solutions. 

Trinidad and Tobago security systems

We first visited many years ago in the capacity of assistance for our security reseller network throughout the island. We were greeted warmly and felt the anticipation of receiving as much information as possible on all things security related. During a presentation many attendees felt that the requirements for their specific industries were very difficult to achieve. For example, some clients had requirements involving tracking containers from cargo ships to their main consolidation warehouses. Others required extremely complex analytic functions that far exceeded their current budget. With so many requirements that fell outside the financial accessibility of these corporations it was clear to see that we had a lot of work to do. Presenting simple close circuit surveillance systems with just enough Advanced features like point-of-sale integration and easy to use user interfaces was enough create demand from the audience. 

Military and government agencies who attended felt that the products provided could cover many of their requirements. However, military agencies in Trinidad also had LPR and ALPR demands with security budgets that would not cover the current technology necessary. Additional concerns in security included smart perimeter security, industrial monitoring of access control, building automation and production line visual assistance from IP and close circuit cameras. After years of follow up and revisiting many of those requirements, many security camera installers have found innovative solutions to the budgetary constraints and have in fact deployed systems that can alleviate many of the problems. 

The Trinidad CCTV Market continues to grow with additional entries from computer and network companies that have penetrated the overlapping security vertical. Additional entries into the security systems field includes electronics distributors that have seen their margins shrinking and have found that security cameras and access control systems can increase their bottom line. Many have some experience with web cameras sold to the retail market that provide limited solutions for security quickly be remedied with a complete professionally installed security camera system. Ultimately, demand from customers for professionally installed and programmed security solutions has generated many new partnerships from locksmiths to telephone system companies. 

Port of Spain is by far the largest import area but not necessarily the largest growing in demand with so many industrial complexes popping up all over the island. Installers regularly travel throughout in order to meet demand. The petroleum industry has a massive presence on this specific island with partnerships all over the Caribbean including Venezuela in South America. The oil industry has its own specific requirements and demands for security and surveillance which include explosionproof and corrosion resistant products which usually carry a hefty price tag. Some petroleum companies also impose certification requirements for products that they place on their oil rigs offshore. 

As we move into 2018 we expect that the Trinidad CCTV market will continue to diversify and many new installation companies will venture into the security arena. Another threat to the professional security market is retail web cameras which have evolved and come in many different shapes and sizes. Recently many computer web camera companies even introduced outdoor web cameras that can increase their sales volume, and although useful for limited applications, can provide users with a false sense of security. Many professionals know that making a web camera weatherproof does not solve its limitations and even battery powered offers which initially seem like an easy installation can be detrimental to actual security needs. Many limitations include low level and short range nighttime illumination, low-cost sensors with low sensitivity in low light and limited resolution storage. There’s nothing like having solid evidence after a security breach or industrial accident. It is usually through failed products in the field which can be detrimental to users after a potentially life-threatening event that the limitations are brought to light. Make sure to involve a security professional whenever dealing with security requirements. 

Fishing and Commerce

Fishing is a big part of island life. With fish farms located throughout the Caribbean islands, much of the economy in this salt water world depends on fishing and crustaceans. Long lining and offshore fishing is popular for larger oceanic species and great for the tourist business. Many of the large ships and boats depend on security cameras and surveillance systems to prevent loss and theft when anchored or at Dock. Specialize systems and wireless accessories how many times necessary to reach these remote locations and extended storage areas many times and corrosive environment. 

Fishing in Caribbean

Farms and agricultural facilities located along the coast and sometimes even offshore are used to create a vast ecosystem that generates massive revenues. Many jobs depend on these industries while also attracting the ecoterrorist. Maintaining these facilities and monitoring is vital to help employees and managers to dispense their work time efficiently. 

Sharks in Caribbean

Many of the farms involve small crustaceans like shrimp which is a huge part of the fish farming industry. These farms can sometimes be inland enjoyed polls are bats design specially to filter the water and generate currents necessary for reproduction and correct fitting procedures. Security systems are used to keep thieves and poachers out as well as monitoring daily fishing and feeding regiment. 

Saint Thomas USVI CCTV

With green mountains in the distance and blue ocean waters as crystal clear as air itself, this 32 mile island in the Caribbean is a growing market for many businesses. Hotels restaurants and bars thrive with tourist money coming from all over the world. CCTV systems and access control Solutions abound good opportunities for contractors and installers are spread all over. With a little over 51,000 people who call this island home, St Thomas also has a thriving residential market for security systems. 

United States Virgin Islands security cameras

Saint Thomas has a playground for the rich and famous as well as the every day man that wants to experience paradise will never leaving the United States. Many of those that come don’t want to leave and find themselves making plans to return soon after departing. 

While many residents are away logging into their surveillance system from a remote smart phone or tablet provides peace of mind anywhere in the world. They can finally connect to their homes and businesses providing instant reassurance or quickly detecting any potential problems. Well the surveillance business grows into the billions in annual revenue many players in developing countries have any solutions that are subpar an extremely economical. This makes the entry point for any user extremely possible but also releases a lot of equipment into the market that does not perform up to the standards of most users expectations. Studying, shopping and demonstrating any potential solution for a remote viewing application is extremely important and should not be overlooked. When selecting a system it is easy to fall for a well marketed or well advertised simple package that seems to do the job, well actually just providing enough experience to provide a user with requirements for a future more professional system. In order to avoid the multi step process of finding all of the features that you will need hiring a professional and speaking to a knowledgeable, helpful contractor is always recommended. 

Hurricane Mathew in the Caribbean

Hurricane Mathew continues to inch its way towards Florida and the Carolinas while leaving a devastating path throughout the Caribbean. With one of the most well developed eyes in recent history, this well formed hurricane is a major threat to many of the small islands. As of October 4, millions of dollars in damages have already been assessed through smaller islands and Jamaica. With over 21 million people still in its path, Now this category 4 hurricane with sustained winds of 145 mph (175 mph gusts) is battering Haiti and parts of Dominican Republic. This is horrible news for Haiti which still has hundreds of thousands of people living in tents after the devastating earthquake in 2010. The hurricanes most solidified path put it in direct approach with the Bahamas including a direct strike on Nassau. Along it’s trajectory it will also make its way over the Exumas in the southern Bahamas. The small islands were already devastated last year with a smaller storm and now must prepare for this major threat. 

Hurricane Matthew approaching Haiti

The amount of damage that this storm is inflicting throughout the Caribbean will be enough to retire the name Matthew. We can only hope that the death toll will be reduced with so much early morning and a vacuolations throughout the islands. The trajectory will also put it in the path of Florida and much like hurricane Floyd in the past, millions will evacuate and preparation. 

It is projected that up to 40 inches of rain will be dumped in some parts of Haiti causing massive floods, landslides and distryction throughout this impoverished island. The world is in preparation to help once again donations are being arranged. 

In Santiago the Cuba reparations were underway as the storm approached eastern side of this island nation. With limited resources but plenty of experience the people of Cuba were all buttoned down and ready for the hurricane as of early October. Many families were already being evacuated from Guantánamo Bay back to the US. 

We hope that this will pass quickly and that preemptive preparations will reduce the damage throughout the Caribbean. 

Caribbean hurricane

Suriname CCTV and Video Security

Visiting Suriname during August is always a pleasant experience with its mild temperatures and passing rain storms which usually only last a few minutes. This environment is perfectly suited for Cortex security solutions since they are manufactured with high moisture and extreme heat in mind. Cortex models with miniature housings and long-range infrared are extremely popular among the locals which many times build customize brackets and mounts to suit their buildings. The COR-HF55 is specifically ideal since the aluminum body withstands corrosion and internal components including its Panasonic CMOS sensor with clear 1080P and extremely low noise reproduce an excellent night time image. 

cctv and security Suriname

Central Suriname Tower

This Image of the tower in central Paramaribo is a familair site for anyone who has visited. During your journey you would also notice many applications for security cameras and access control. There are some great installers in the region that can help with designing a system and recommending the ideal solution for any project. Some business owners have taken to the idea that megapixel over network connections is the best form of surveillance. However, during our visit we noticed that the existing infrastructure in some of these country are limited and IP camera systems can actually cause a lot of trouble for installation and networking. Sometimes a standard old fashion close circuit TV system over coaxial cable is the most ideal way to capture events of interest. The best news about this type of installation is that nowadays resolutions have multiplied and can provide The necessary pixel coverage in a security camera system to satisfy any demand. 

cctv wiring in suriname

Old houses in paramaribo

Many old houses from over 100 years ago can be found in the capital of Suriname. Many times, These charming homes are kept in their natural state and provide a walk-through history as you navigate the city. They also provide a glimpse as to some of the difficult construction that can be found for wiring up a security camera system in this country. Even some of the businesses in the capital are built on top of old construction and create layers of difficulty for anyone attempting to run wires. Request for wireless security cameras are often heard but are quickly shut down with the idea that power is required and the old buildings with the cement walls provide a barrier for many of the new wireless technologies in the high frequency range. 

Suriname has many industries that supply the outside world with raw materials as well as finished products like furniture and textiles. Many of these industrial applications require machinery that is heavy in nature and must be kept safe and secure. The heavy machinery can quickly disappear over the border into Brazil or other neighboring countries like Venezuela if not monitored closely. 

There are many things to do for ecoterrorist with hopes of tapping the Amazon through this unspoiled region. Although many industries have in fact caused some changes to the natural environment it is far less than many of its neighboring countries. Many laws have been put in place recently to get protect the natural environment and its natural resources to secure a future for Suriname. Making tourist feel safe using security camera systems is an ideal way to ensure repeat business and good reviews. Since many are visiting from Europe and the United States, video surveillance or CCTV cameras are a common sight for foreigners expecting a watchful eye that keeps them secure. Many are expecting local businesses to provide an environment of safety and security which CCTV Is ideally suited for. 

Although not technically part of the Caribbean, Suriname is many times considered an extension due to its Dutch heritage and it’s smaller size. Like the islands in the south Caribbean like Aruba and Curacao, Suriname has a long rich history of European connections. One of the many benefits is the security camera technology it comes from Holland is many times more advanced other regions of the Caribbean. Many of the industrial applications here I run by Dutch nationals that expect a higher quality compared to the price driven market offerings of South America. Many of the applications can use a hybrid system that allows existing coaxial cable, upgrade to new HD over coaxial and IP technology including wireless. 

With so many options to choose from and such a massive market for projects Suriname is ideally situated in the world to continue growing in the video security market. 

Grenada Security Cameras

Very famous for its incredible diving areas including the now well known underwater sculpture park, Grenada is a beautiful paradise just a couple of hours away from the United States. Remote viewing via security cameras in this Caribbean retreat is just as rough as any of the other compromising environments in the region. 

A short boat ride away from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, The spice aisle well dotted with properties that require security systems and remote viewing for peace of mind while away. St George is the southern city with the majority of residences and commercial environment. Installation of security equipment requires specialized materials which can be imported but rarely found locally. When building a new property or upgrading your security system, make sure to always include specialized wiring power supplies and accessories that are resistant to the salt and spray.

Some of the local electrical contractors on Grenada are happy to add CCTV wiring and specialized accessories to new construction but it is highly recommended that these additions be made during the planning stage to reduce additional labor post construction. If auditions are to be made to existing infrastructure, conduit piping and direct burial cable or highly recommended for long-term exposure and top-notch performance. Security systems on Grenada should be specifically selected for megapixel resolution but also high saturation of light and tolerant to the extreme heat in the region. Contractor grade solutions can be acquired through authorized resellers of famous brands like Cortex that not only provide longer life but also increased performance with every interaction. 

A Remote Video CCTV System for St. Lucia

St. Lucia is well known as the Caribbean paradise with its mountains and rain forests. Business here thrives on tours dollars and part-time residents that require security cameras for continuous monitoring of properties while away. Video surveillance that only serves as a vital security tool but it’s also perfect for peace of mind when homeowners as well as business owners require an instant accessible view of their surrounding property. There is nothing like having instant gratification when the nerves are rattled. 

The famous reefs located throughout St. Lucia are perfect for diving but it is well known for its rain forest that holds many unique animals and plant species.