While traveling through the Caribbean, it is easy to take notice of deteriorating electronic devices that are exposed to the atmosphere of this region. For salty environments where standard everyday equipment just deteriorates within days, a special breed of surveillance products are required. Special baked on paint is required for any metal housing that is exposed to the elements. Incorporating materials like stainless steel with a high rating of 306 and specialize connectors are extremely necessary for any oceanfront property.

SDI Zoom camera

For example, on a recent trip to Kingston Jamaica we visited hotels that are currently utilizing some of our enterprise class DVRs and CCTV cameras. We quickly noticed that despite advanced treatments and paint retardant materials, deterioration is still an accelerated factor. In Jamaica, some of the crews have created a maintenance ritual of spraying and oiling some of the joints on the more expensive devices. This is time-consuming but can extend the life of some of the moving parts necessary for speed domes and pan tilt devices.

Some limitation factors are common which include expensive materials necessary to fight the corrosive nature of this region. During the manufacturing process materials that would hinder corrosion can be extremely pricey and completely prohibited for specific markets that are price sensitive. So the point is, we can make the equipment to last much longer than the traditional but the penetration into specific price oriented market would be very small.

Finding a common denominator and a convenient price scheme are extremely crucial to growth and success in the Caribbean surveillance markets.