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MAXCCTV launches hybrid AHD and IP DVRs

MAXCCTV Announced a new generation of hybrid HF series DVR’s with flexible capabilities of integration between analog high definition cameras and IP. These have become popular amongst integrators and dealers for localized wire run plus Wi-Fi integration. These new units allow for regular coax (Siamese) based cameras while also excepting IP over wireless access points. The series MAX Plex HF 1080P DVRs is now available in the United States, Taiwan and through distribution in Central and South America. Caribbean integrators can benefit from this new generation of surveillance devices with added flexibility for remote camera integration over wireless. 

Backwards compatible

The new max generation H and HF Appliances can also receive signals from traditional analog 960h cameras which allow resellers to utilize existing equipment to reduce the cost of deployment. 

AHD goes “red hot” with news of new 1080P models

The latest releases in AHD CCTV technology have raised the bar once again for the CCTV in surveillance market. 

Latest generation of hybrid analog and HD DVRs MAX-PLEX4H, MAX-PLEX8H, MAX-PLEX16H are no available also in a 1080 P configuration with expandable channels for IP. 

A new list of enterprise class hybrid low-cost platforms hello small investment for business owners and residential customers alike. 

MaxPlex DVRs and NVRs

MAX-PLEX4HF, MAX-PLEX8HF, MAX-PLEX16HF can handle that a log, 720 P, and 1080 P on each individual channel plus additional channels for IP cameras or IP speed domes. 

“H” For hybrid 

“F” for Full HD

One of the most popular models in the AHD category is the Hybix NX. This hybrid platform allows analog high definition signals as well as legacy analog. The NX is compatible with most existing analog CCTV Systems using coax and allows you generation 1080 P high-definition signals on each channel. HYBIX NX models are available in four, eight, and 16 channel configurations.