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Grenada Security Cameras

Very famous for its incredible diving areas including the now well known underwater sculpture park, Grenada is a beautiful paradise just a couple of hours away from the United States. Remote viewing via security cameras in this Caribbean retreat is just as rough as any of the other compromising environments in the region. 

A short boat ride away from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, The spice aisle well dotted with properties that require security systems and remote viewing for peace of mind while away. St George is the southern city with the majority of residences and commercial environment. Installation of security equipment requires specialized materials which can be imported but rarely found locally. When building a new property or upgrading your security system, make sure to always include specialized wiring power supplies and accessories that are resistant to the salt and spray.

Some of the local electrical contractors on Grenada are happy to add CCTV wiring and specialized accessories to new construction but it is highly recommended that these additions be made during the planning stage to reduce additional labor post construction. If auditions are to be made to existing infrastructure, conduit piping and direct burial cable or highly recommended for long-term exposure and top-notch performance. Security systems on Grenada should be specifically selected for megapixel resolution but also high saturation of light and tolerant to the extreme heat in the region. Contractor grade solutions can be acquired through authorized resellers of famous brands like Cortex that not only provide longer life but also increased performance with every interaction. 

A Remote Video CCTV System for St. Lucia

St. Lucia is well known as the Caribbean paradise with its mountains and rain forests. Business here thrives on tours dollars and part-time residents that require security cameras for continuous monitoring of properties while away. Video surveillance that only serves as a vital security tool but it’s also perfect for peace of mind when homeowners as well as business owners require an instant accessible view of their surrounding property. There is nothing like having instant gratification when the nerves are rattled. 

The famous reefs located throughout St. Lucia are perfect for diving but it is well known for its rain forest that holds many unique animals and plant species. 

Security Video Systems in Costa Rica

Although part of Central America many times Costa Rica is bundled in with the Caribbean area. With beaches in both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, this country is well known for its beautiful forest volcanic tips and amazing beaches. With millions of tourist making the trip every year security systems are absolute necessity for any business owner work commercial environment in Central America. Some of the neighboring countries are extremely impoverished and can lead to migratory conflicts involving theft and sometimes major crimes. 

Limon is the City on the Caribbean Oceanside and has some of the most amazing beaches in Costa Rica. Many hotels in this region you security cameras to keep their tenants safe and also for security awareness. When video surveillance systems are deployed in these environments having specialized housings that are corrosion resistant and can withstand the abuse from the salty air are absolute necessity. 

With its location only one hour away from the capital of San Jose, Jaco is a beach lovers paradise with many affordable properties right on the beach which is why the feeling of safety and security is so crucial. Video security for surveillance and situational awareness is used for businesses but more more for homeowners as well. Having a vacation property can be nerve-racking when you don’t know what’s going on at that location when you’re back home in the U.S. or in Europe. CCTV cameras installed at homes , Businesses and condominiums provide instant access via smart phones and tablets using apps that can show multiple cameras all at once. Viewing security cameras their smart phones is not a new technology but it certainly is a growing field. Having video surveillance at your fingertips as a power that is quickly addicting. 

Costa Rica CCTV installers come in many different varieties. Many business telephone system and computer system integrators have also started to install security cameras. Many in Costa Rica will even install access control that can integrate with the security cameras. Make sure to avail yourself of multiple quotes from different providers and ask about resolution as well as the speed when logging in remotely. 

St. Croix U.S. Virgin Islands Security Systems

Like many islands in the Caribbean security systems and security cameras are extremely necessary for Business and home owners throughout The Virgin Islands. Purchased in 1917 by the United States after switching hands many times before, including Dutch settlers, this being the largest of the Virgin Islands, it has many requirements for different levels of security. 

Buck island National Park with its massive coral reef is a huge draw for tourist and also creates many jobs on the islands. Security for those business is essential to make visitors feel secure. 

Butler Bay is another popular dive site with multiple shipwrecks close to each other. You can travel as little as 300 feet and find massive shipwrecks in crystal-clear waters. The underwater details are overwhelming. 

The North Shore with it’s Rocky beaches provides direct shore diving as well as creating a dramatic contrast between the dark and light colors. 

Multiple golf courses throughout St. Croix are popular draw for tourist that love to swing the clubs. Many golfers really love the views as well as the climate. These businesses also require many security camera systems and create additional business opportunities like hotels restaurants and bars in the adjacent areas that also require security systems. 

Since many St. Croix home owners only visit for part of the year during specific seasons, having remote access to their video surveillance system is vital for peace of mind. With today’s technology, many security camera systems allow viewing from iPhones and android devices, yet mony lack the performance necessary to make that a quick and painless task. High performance systems usually mean big money and large investments. Many will even alert you of motion is specific designated areas which can add to any alarm system in use. When the alerts or Alarms are triggered, instant video verification can be a huge asset and allow for quicker law enforcement response.

With the shear number of video surveillance systems available, it is difficult to pick the right one for your needs. While visiting Saint Croix, some option for security cameras are available right on the island. St. Croix CCTV Solutions are bound and provided by many of the electrical contractors more specifically, security and lock contractors. 

Here are a few things to ask when shopping for a good high definition security camera system. 

1. If remote viewing on smart phones is crucial for you, make sure to request full high definition options and app for your iPhone or android phone and tablets.

2. Will you be connecting multiple locations? Sometimes while on the island, checking your place back home in New York can also be a serious requirement. Make sure to select a system that allow multiple locations on one app.

3. Playing back video on smartphones saves a lot of time. Down systems allow multichannel playback right through your phone or tablet. This means that you. Can search for events in bed at any time. The best systems allow multiple images to playback simultaneously on your app. Calendar displays and snapshot features add to the ease of use on well designed systems.

4. Is off site storage a necessity? What if a break in occurred and the recorder was stolen ? Off site video backups in real time are a vital part of a high end commercial grade system. 

What brands should you shop: CORTEX Global Offers all the listed features at a fraction of the price of other solutions. With Cortex and their HYBIX Pro grade systems you can rest assured to meet your high performance standards while saving a ton.